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Enacted in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) required that

paratransit be provided for people who, due to their disability, are unable to ride regular buses some or all of the time.

ADA paratransit services operate within ¾ mile of the fixed-route service area, on the same days and during the same hours as regular public transit buses operate.  The service is usually provided using smaller buses or vans, however, some transit districts like Northeast CT Transit District do not offer ADA paratransit services but offer a deviated fixed route service where the fixed-route vehicle can go off route to pickup qualified riders.

ADA Paratransit in eastern Connecticut:

Northeast CT Transit District

(serving towns in the northeast region providing deviated fixed-route service)

Tel:  860-774-3902


Windham Region Transit District

(serving towns in the Windham region)

Tel:  860-456-2223


Southeast Area Transit District

(serving towns in the southeastern region)

Tel:  860-886-2631


 Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc.

(contracted ADA provider for Southeast Area Transit District)

Reservations:  860-848-5910 ext 2

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